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Client Testimonials

We had some major water damage in our house and need to find someone quickly. We got so lucky with Dave from Flood Relief, he was so knowledgeable and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer him. He knows what he’s doing and does it well!! Thank you Dave

— Vasho S.

Great work , on time , good communication.i highly recommend Them to my friends & family.

— Sophie R.

We had what we thought some minor flooding and asked Dave to inspect our home. He discovered the water had damaged most of our home downstairs. He immediately started working that afternoon and had his team taking care of the problem. He helped us with our insurance claim and are amazed in the quality of work and professionalism.

A few months later Dave returned to clean and honestly transform our carpets.  

Best of service and a great bunch of guys to work with!!”

— Joe H.

We had serious flooding that was undiscovered for days and caused major damage. Dave and his team were excellent and made the process so much easier. Even the insurance company was impressed. Highly recommend.

— Jessica K.

I called Dave at Flood Relief Inc yesterday for a last minute cleaning and he was the most professional and friendly person over the phone!

He was on time next day, and even made it through my complicated apartment complex without any issues or delay.

The price was much better than I expected but to top it off my carpets are absolutely spotless! I have two dogs and there is virtually no sign of any pet stains! Also, it smells incredible!

I highly recommend Dave and Flood Relief!!”

— Emad A.

Recently I had a flood disaster in several rooms of my house, creating a mess, and wiping out my hardwood flooring. Flood Relief came out immediately  on a Sunday afternoon and took control of the situation. They helped through all aspects of the restoration project making sure that the work was done right, on time, and that all safety considerations were followed.

Flood Relief did a great job, I give them a five star rating.

— James R.

Flood relief was very professional and undertook the work we needed to be done in an efficient and expeditious manner. We would certainly recommend them to any family member, friend or colleague.

— Siggy T.

Having a water leak in your home is one of the most unsettling feelings! Unfortunately, we’ve had a few over the past couple of years. Luckily, we were referred to Dave at Flood Relief Inc. Dave came over in a matter of minutes, not hours… and got right to solving the problem. He kept us informed throughout the process, and set the expectations of how long it would take and what the costs would be. And he was always available whenever we called. We’re very happy with the service we received. Ideally, we would prefer not to have any future leaks! But if the need arises, we’ll definitely be calling Dave again. I highly recommend Flood Relief Inc.

— Robert F.

I had a toilet that busted and my entire downstairs bathroom, hallway and bedroom was flooded. I called Flood Relief Inc and Dave and his crew picked up right away and were at my house within two hours. The attention to detail was really kind of overwhelming. Once he determined what needed to be done, before I knew it there were machines everywhere and he and his crew were dressed in what appeared to be hazmat suits… very impressive and I would never use another company. Not only did they handle everything in a very stressful situation but he then contacted my insurance company and handled everything behind the scenes, so I had very little to worry about, if anything at all. Highly recommend you use this company…thanks Dave!

— Barry K.

After the heavy rains this past spring, we started noticing what we thought was “minor” flooding in the bottom level of our home. The wood floor was looking warped, and one of our walls looked a bit bowed. We called Dave at Flood Relief Inc, and he came out within a few hours to assess the situation. He was able to check the saturation of our floors and walls and what we thought was “minor” was actually much worse. Not only did we have water damage, but also mold had started to grow. Dave gave us a really reasonable quote to fix these problems and work started right away. What I appreciated most about Dave was the caution and care he used in working with dangerous materials, like mold, because I have small children and I was concerned about the health risks. Dave secured and sealed in the damaged area, and cleaned it so thoroughly, that when we had the 3rd party clearance test after he was finished, the tester stated that the air and floor materials were “super clean” – much cleaner/purer than they needed to be to pass the standard test. Dave’s work was efficient too. He showed up when he said he would and got the work done as quickly as he could. He also cleaned up after it was done. If you ever have a water damage or discover mold, your first call should be to Dave at Flood Relief!

— Rachel B.